We would like to give you a short presentation of our beautiful, small, green island, situated in the Kvarner Bay, at the foot of the Velebit Mountain.
On the north side you can find the Kamenjak Hill, which shows its barren side to the Velebit channel, and protects the island form the coldness of the local North-Eastern wind, known as "Bura".
Thanks to this natural protection the island abounds in forests, pasture grounds, and fertile soil as well as in numerous bays and small gulfs with clear, blue sea and pristine, beautiful sandy beaches, which are particularly interesting to the tourists.

Rab will enchant you with its smell of Mediterranean herbs and oak and pine forests will remain in your memory for ever.
The island has very mild Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters, with around 2600 hours of Sun throughout the year.
Rab has been interesting throughout the ages to many people, form the Illyrians to ancient Greeks and Romans. They have all populated the island and left its cultural heritage. The island is a (virtual) cultural treasure box thousands of years old.

The island has virtually no heavy industry that might harm its natural beauties. The inhabitants of Rab are sailors, fishermen, shepherds. They grow olives and wine but are mostly tourism oriented. They live mostly for tourism and from tourism. The visitors of the island can stay in hotels bungalows and camping-sites, but mostly they live settle in private accommodation at the local family houses, with nicely decorated rooms and apartments. The inhabitants of Rab are very friendly and hospitable people and try to indulge their visitors in every possible way. Most places on the island are touristically very interesting and attractive. Rab is one of the first tourists – oriented locations in the Adriatic.
Come and enjoy the fun and rest on our island. Rab welcomes you with its hundreds of years old tourist tradition and hospitality.


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